Soothing Salve

We only sell the salve during cooler months since the excessive heat can easily melt the soft salve!

The best salve around because of what's in it and how it makes your skin feel.    This is a natural go to for those with dry and cracked hands.  But don't stop there.  When your nose and lips are dry and cracked from your cold and allergies, applying the salve under your nose and to your lips to  provide instant moisturization and relief. 

Hand Blended Ingredients:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Raw Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil, Lanolin, Vitamin E

No added fragrance because when your hands are dry and cracked you just want natural relief for healthy and heeled hands or other areas you may apply it.  Apply small amount of salve to hands, in less than 10 minutes the natural ingredients will soak into your skin making it feel softer, smoother and healthier.   1.5 oz

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Works wonders

Linda Hartnett
This is the real deal

Was given to me as a gift and I'm half -way through it, here already looking for more. Hope it comes back soon!


I needed this so bad!!!!!

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