Elderberry Syrup DIY Kit
Elderberry Syrup DIY Kit

Elderberry Syrup DIY Kit

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If you can boil water you can make your own elderberry syrup.

Elderberries provide excellent natural immune support.  For more information about the benefits of elderberries we recommend starting at webmd.com

Most pre made elderberry syrups start at $15 for 4 ounce and they probably don't have all the extra organic immune supporting goodness that is in this kit.

The bag includes: dried organic elderberries, organic echinacea, organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks, organic cloves, organic rose hips, calendula and orange peel.

Instructions included.  This kit will make one quart elderberry juice before you add honey.  While you are waiting for your kit to arrive you should have distilled water and honey (local preferred) on hand so you can make and enjoy your syrup soon after.   

We do not make any medical claims about this product and recommend any illnesses seek attention from a medical professional.